the-caucus-room[1]On the night of January 20, 2009, the 44th President of the United States of America.  Barak Obama was attending many Inauguration Balls.  Many people just see this as attending a lot of fancy parties, but for any newly elected President it is a lot of work.  It is a way of saying thank you for all of the hard work so many people put in to get any President elected.  But while the Obama Administration was in its infancy Republicans were holding a meeting at an upscale Steak House called the Caucus Room.  Paul Ryan Speaker of the House (WI.) was there that night.  So was Senator Bob Corker (TN.) and Senator Tom Coburn (OK.).  Texas Congressmen Sessions and Hensarling and California Congressmen Kevin McCarthy.  There were others, Newt Gingrich and Republican Pollster Frank Lutz.  A few other Republican Senators and Congressmen as well.  The other names I am omitting because they no longer hold office They were meeting to figure out what to do about the new President.  They came up with a plan to obstruct, to deny, and to block any legislation the new President attempted to put through.  Sight unseen.  To completely deny his agenda, whatever it may be, and whoever might benefit from it.  There would be no honeymoon for this President.  They conspired to strangle the new Obama Presidency in the crib.  They were going to say NO to Obama, well I say yo mama.